May 27, 2009

Sick ...

Had fever yesterday,
Was kinda worried that I couldn't get better because I still had exams,
Exams that I had to perform well in a good condition.

After Hui Teng, Wai Leong, Blake and Boon Hoong went home,
Around 5pm,
I slept soon till 7pm or so.
Woke up then ate dinner straightaway then went back to sleep around 8pm.
Woke up 5.40am and got prepared for school!

Damn nice right?
Didn't even had time to prepare for Chinese and Add Maths paper.

Yesterday had Biology 1, Biology 3 and English 1.
Tiring I guess.
Wrote super long essays with all sorts of rubbish and trash in it.
Oh well.

Never mind.

Add Maths 1,
Easier than 2 I guess.

Tomorrow is the last day!
Can't wait!
So excited!

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