May 17, 2009

Update! *lazy to think of a better title*

Church outing wasn't as bad as I thought.
Apparently Grace Methodist Church, Sentul,
Was right beside Wesley Methodist School.

The church looks cozy,
Because the surroundings were kinda greenish.
It's like a different dimension because the outside place was like a highway,
But on the road to the church,
It seemed village-ish.

Kinda nice :D

Kudos to those MYFers of GMC.
I enjoyed the morning service there :)


Tomorrow exams!
Besides slacking around,
Playing AuditionSEA for a long time,
Studying didn't really work out.

Excuses that I can come up with :
1. The living room is too hot.
2. My room NEVER fails to lull me to sleep.
3. There isn't any other place to study.
4. No mood.
5. History just isn't my thing.


Tomorrow Chemistry 1 and Chemistry 2.


Oh yea,
Tomorrow got the "prefects under-trial installation",
Poorly translated from "pelantikan pengawas percubaan".

I wonder what's waiting for me as a prefect?
If I really get it after 5 months of hard labour trial.

Sigh D:

Something's missing ...

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