May 24, 2009

Hi people...

I have so much to blog about now,
But by the time I reach to that part,
I would've probably lost that feel to blog about that particular event in detail.
It happens way too often.

I missed being online,
Streamyx failed me on Friday and Saturday morning,
Went back to my mom's hometown on Saturday afternoon.

Before that ...

Friday ...

Felt so damn happy because I finally get a break after a week of exams.

Speaking about exams ...
I hate it when people make it sound like I'm a hypocrite.
I seriously not a hypocrite ...
What's the point,
No one believes,
The word of hypocrites anyway.

Talked to Blake on the phone like forever.
2 hours plus, maybe?
Was talking about religious stuff,
About how confusing it is,
And stuff like that.
Makes me feel bad,
As if I'm gossiping about someone.

Went to visit my uncle the next day (Saturday),
He became so skinny,
Because he refuses to eat rice.

There was this Indian dude there,
Quite friendly I suppose,
An amputee.
He was talking to my dad,
And I listened,
Then he mentioned something about God.
He said something like,
It doesn't matter what God you believe in,
As long as you hold on to one belief,
With no doubts.

I was like,
It was as if God send an angel to pass a message or something.

Just believe.

It was kinda sad for him,
Being in those nursing homes when all the other folks don't really talk,
As in already half ... how do I say this ...
Without a clear state of mind?
Unable to think normally or something,
Sort of like Alzheimer-ish.


Went tuition,
Then hometown.

Ate mutton murtabak upon reaching hometown.

At night,
Went to watch those ... Teochew big show? (poorly translated)

I didn't understand one. single. word.
I actually respect this,
But I don't enjoy any bit of it.

Look at the crowd.

Old people.
One day,
They will be replaced with new generations of old people,
Which probably wouldn't enjoy watching these type of shows.
It's a pity,
But I can't do anything because I don't really enjoy it =x

Sorry for the terrible pictures,
Was zooming a lot and my phone was running out of batt.

Here's a short clip:

Enjoy =.=

The saga of exams continue tomorrow.

And there's something I wanted to blog about but I couldn't remember D:

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