August 13, 2009

Argh, fun's over.

Right after my 2-day break,
Well, not exactly,
It was sorta torturing for that 1st day of fever and everything,
I'm back on track,
The old track.

The lack of time,
The crave for free time again,
And maybe some beauty sleep.

Rubik's cube ordering was finally settled.
Unexpected response though,
Seems like everyone wants a cube now,
Probably more than requesting for a second batch,
But at the moment,
I can't help but to disappoint you guys :(

Had both Malay and English oral tests yesterday,
Glad that's over.

Received my Scholastic books today,
7 of them in total.

Bad news,
Add maths/maths teacher might be leaving,
The school can't go any lower ...

Need time .. need time ..

Sort of sick of prefectorial stuff.

Sick of a lot of stuff.

Looking for a change but see no way how,
Or more specifically,
No spaces to do so.

Crapping in a way hopefully only comprehensible in my own world but I highly doubt so.


Back to homework.

Like every, single, day.

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