August 9, 2009

Being sick is boring.

Thank goodness I don't have much homework to do,
Because being sick isn't the best time to do homework.
Even though time is what I have on my hands ...

The Rubik's cube thing in school is really getting competitive.
I hate competitiveness,
Either I try to be the best or don't even bother about it.
And when I'm far away from being the best ...
I feel ... not right.
I hate that feeling.
I guess that's one of the million bad personalities I have.

Been thinking a lot about the SPM subjects I'm going to be taking next year.
Gosh, I hate having to study bull that I hate and have no chance to pursue (lol) my interests.
This is a cruel and realistic world,
The option is either to go with my interests,
Or to follow the norm and decide according to logical thinking.


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