August 31, 2009

Summary of Holidays!

Hope I can remember.

I remember eating at Jojo's Pan Mee,
In Jalan Kenari,
Opposite IOI mall,
Was documented on some food programme,
1 day 5 meals (一日五餐),
Went there to try out,
Not the branch that the programme went though.

Ate Pan Mee with Herbal Chicken Soup,
Not bad :D

Went The Gardens after that,
In search of my Rubik's cubes.
Went to Action City.
In the end bought several cubes at some stall in Midvalley:
  1. 4x4x4 QJ Rubik's Revenge
  2. Void cube
  3. 2x2x2 QJ Pocket Cube
Thanks dad :D

Remember receiving the parcel for those cubes that I ordered online.

*censors background*
*censors address*
*censors phone number*
*censors second phone number*


Behold ...

Stickers :D

One of them had something wrong,
Sent it back for a replacement,
Received it.

Remember that I went hiking at Apek (Apeh?) Hill,
Somewhere in Cheras.

Damn challenging,
I still walk like a gimp till this day.

2-3 hours up to the waterfall,
2-3 hours having fun and lunch at the waterfall,
2-3 hours back down and home.

Painful experience,
Worth it?
I guess so.

Cousin sis came over to stay for a few days,
Along with her friend.

Her friend has this ... dry humour that only my cousin sis and I could comprehend.
It was quite fun.

Can't remember much ...

End of holidays ._.

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