August 11, 2009

Yay, Rubik's cubes arrived!

I guess it was meant for me to be sick and to want to have 1 more day at home,
Because the Pos Laju arrived way before school end time and my parents were both at work.

I ordered a total of 9 Rubik's cubes,
8 to be exact, 1 Rubik's Revenge.

*slowly tears open the package with the knife thing*

*... few minutes later...*

Another layer.

*...few minutes later...*


6 normal cubes,
1 glow-in-the-dark cube,
1 Diansheng cube,
1 4x4x4 cube!

Just a few days ago,
My mom bought me a Diansheng cube from Toycity.
That was a DIY kit though,
Which is better than this ready-made Diansheng cube.

Including the small one I bought in Sunway Pyramid,
I have 3 Diansheng cubes.

The DIY one is definitely better,
Lighter too.

I think I should sell this Diansheng cube.
In the end,
I ordered cubes online for everyone else but myself =.=

For those interested,
Here's the link.

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