August 19, 2009

The torture is over!

The peak was probably yesterday,
Where I slept at 2am.

Had to cram studies like mad,
But it has paid off!

Well, sorta.

3 days of intense exams and studying,
Probably a kick start for me,
Or else I wouldn't even bother studying.

Maths results was back,
It was easy,
Just most people got loads of careless mistakes.

Will have to face other results soon,
But this isn't anything anyway,
Considering they are all 1 hour tests,
Not everything is covered in the exams.

But it was definitely torturing,
Partially due to the pressure that I had self-inflicted,
To force myself to cram even though time wasn't of an essence.

The holidays are near,
But such a short period =/

Hopefully something great happens.

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