August 1, 2007

Seminar at UM

Today, my whole class had a trip to Universiti Melaya for a seminar about super students.
I'm lazy to type out the whole seminar,
I'll just write a short summary of the whole day and the seminar.
At school, waited for bus.
Went there, saw my old friends from SMK Puchong Jaya (a).
So happy!

After we went in,
Some guy asked questions about Dominoes.
Whoever can get them correct gets coupons and typical free stuff.
Then they showed us a presentation with power point, I think.
The edit was nice,
I really hope I can make something like that one day.
Then someone gave us a intro of UM.
After that was another presentation, from Dominoes.

Another guy came in,
He introduced our speaker in a perky, idiotic, crazy, hyperactive way.

Then speaker finally came in,
His name is Adam Khoo.
He is a millionaire by 26 years old, WOW!
He used to be a terrible student when he was young,
Then he changed,
And became successful.
Now he is here to tell us how to be like him.

It was interesting and fun.
I wrote down some notes while he was talking.

Then we went back to school.
We each had a slice of Dominoes' Pizza.
Then I suddenly found out that I left all my notes and other stuff in the bus.
So I immediately told the teacher in charge.
She gave me the phone number of the person in charge of planning the transportation.
So I called,
And he seemed like he doesn't care much.
Sigh, what can I do?

Then unexpectedly, he called me.
He told me that the bus will go to my school next Wednesday, 2.00 p.m.
I don't think I will find my things back,

After that was extra curricular activities.
Went there, got scold by Navindran.
And guess what?
Chan Wai Lun and other people are going to be in charge of the who Red Cross society.
I wasn't happy at all.
But I tell myself,
Why care?

Sad, today started out good,
By now everything seems bad.


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