December 22, 2007

Carolings =)

Started yesterday,
Went to Wesley Home yesterday,
And sang songs,
Mixed around,
Typical stuff.

We went to Assunta Hospital,
Impresif Care Home,
And 2 more houses of church members.
Tiring but worth it.
Seeing smiles on other people's face =)

When I was in the bus,
I had a thought,
And wanted to know what are your views.
What you all do to find calm and peace.
For me,
I use my earphones,
And put the songs to the max volume.
Don't think I'm crazy,
It is because that when I'm in total silence,
I will start to ponder upon what I did,
And sometimes stupid stuff that I did that I would never want to remember it ever again.
When there is some distraction,
I feel more calm.
Unless I've reached the stage that the things would overcome the volume.
I've got no idea why am I posting this,
Just for fun I guess.
Good night =)

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