December 8, 2007

A Trip to The Curve ~

The SPCA thing didn't happen,
So I had to go for the second option,

My mom sent my grandmother to her friend's house while we went to The Curve,
And my mother's friend went too,
She is the only friend of my mom that I can get along with,
I mean,
The others have a little attitude problem.
For example, Crystal,
She talks like,
Scolding some one.
Her voice gets louder and louder as if she is going to chop me up.
And I still remember the way she accuse me for something I didn't do.
Anyway, enough of my mother's friends,
Let's talk about FOOD xD

(By the way, my mom talks with Justine on the phone for hours,
Kinda like the closest friend to my mom.)

Me, my mother and I went for breakfast,
Later on sent grandmother to her friend's house,
Picked up Justine.

Went to Petronas,
Justine bought me ice-cream.

Later on,
Went to the curve,
Bought Big Apple donuts.
(For your information, Big Apple means New York,
At least I think so o.o)
At 1st I thought,
Er, donuts?
And they bought 12 of them,

After taking a bite,
I was like,
I mean, for example Dunkin' Donuts,
Those are thick and 'solid' makes some one sick of it.
But this,
It may seem filling,
But it isn't.
The skin of the donut was...
How to say,
But not that...
It's just not soft like other donuts.
And the middle is like,
Which makes it special.
The toppings are nice too,
After eating this,
I won't go for Dunkin' Donuts anymore.

So we walked around the curve,
Justine bought drinks,

Went to Borders,
The big bookstore.
Wanted to buy 'HTML 4 for dummies",
But I can't understand anything in it,
I wanted to do something this holiday,
Guess I have a lack of ...
What is that word....
Gah, forget about it.

Then walked,
And went to Sakae Sushi for lunch.
Er, I still prefer Sushi King,
The seaweed wasn't 'crunchy',
But it was not bad,
All the food that Justine introduced are NICE!!

*Burp* Whoops, sorry =X

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