December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas =)

Today's candle light service was,

We, youths totally RAWK!
The whole sketch was NICE!
Even though I didn't get to see it.
After that,
We all sang,
And had a GREAT TIME!
We did the bongo thing,
Had FUN!
Most importantly,
We did this all for GOD~!
Well, it is Christmas today,
Which is the birth of Jesus Christ,
You all should have came for the party!

So I had carolings from 20th till 23rd,
A candle light service on the 24th,
A Christmas lunch on 25th,
A committee meeting on the 26th,
A youth retreat on 27th,
Going to Sunway Lagoon by the way,
Followed by a steamboat at night,
And a sleepover at the church till 28th.

Wooo~ I'm loving this Christmas season =)
Too bad school is coming.
Oh ya,
I got a webcam as a Christmas present,
I wanted a headphone more,
But thanks anyway =)
*I really don't know when am I gonna use the webcam*

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