December 31, 2007

Last Entry of Year '07

This year,
It isn't one of the best years,
But it is definitely different then others.

School life,
Not nice at all.
Teachers and not good,
Students aren't much good,
And the whole SMK Seksyen 1 environment is no good.

Friends in school,
New friends of course,
Get closer,
Relationship grows,
Know each other more,
Which means see the bad side of a friend more.
Goods and bads,
They accompany me throughout the whole year.
*Grandmother nagging beside me*

Same old same old,
My mother gets on my nerves sometimes,
My grandmother?
That is another story -.-
My father is good,
But some things he do make me sad and disappointed.

My church life,
Very good,
Not just only the people there,
But the whole experience,
I'm really liking the environment there,
And every thing I learn there,
Get to know God more.
And all those stuff,
One of the great things that happen this year.

Maple Story?
Losing interest in it.
Kinda boring,
Don't have much friends that I can chat with anymore.
Some people in Maple makes me wanna pull my hair off,
Especially the girls I met in Maple,

Losing it,
Need to buck up next year!

I don't really know what to write now,
But I'll try to add on later.
Going to bathe now and going to church later,
For some special service =)
You all should come to the church I attend 1 day,
It really helps =)

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