October 25, 2008

Form 4. SPM. And beyond.

I really pity us good students,
Killing brain cells deciding which subjects to take.
(Of course, if you just want to take the basic subjects and don't wish to further burden yourself, doesn't mean you're a bad student.)
(Why am I so afraid of offending others anyway.)

As I mentioned,
Our school teachers gave us a brief talk about the subjects that we would be taking next year.
It didn't really covered all the questions in mind,
Oh wait,
It didn't quite help at all.

So basically,
There are 6 base subjects,
Which are :-
  1. Moral / Islam (Depending on your religion)
  2. Science (Excluded if you're taking Science stream, since it already consists of 3 Science subjects)
  3. Mathematics (a.k.a. Modern Mathematics)
  4. English
  5. Bahasa Melayu
  6. Sejarah (History)
And there's Sivik (Civics) too, it's a subject but not the SPM subject.

There are various streams to suit everyone,
Mainly :-
  1. Sains Tulen (Pure Science)
  2. Pengajian Islam (Islamic subjects)
  3. Sastera Ikhtisas
  4. Teknologi (Technology)
  5. Sains dan Teknologi (Science and Technology)
  6. Sains Sosial - Kemanusiaan (More of ... humanities? Social Science? Geography, English Literature and Music)
List of subjects here at Wikipedia

I'll probably be taking Pure Science,
But I'm considering of taking more elective subjects.

Oh yeah,
In my school,
Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seksyen 1, Bandar Kinrara,
There are 4 pakages :-
  1. Pure Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Additional Mathematics)*
  2. Sastera Ikhtisas (Basic Economics, Additonal Mathematics and Principles of Accounts)
  3. Kemanusiaan + Sastera Ikhtisas (Basic Economics and Visual Arts Education)
  4. Kemanusiaan + Sastera Ikhtisas (Business and Visual Arts Education)
All including 6 Compulsory subjects except *Pure Science, which is 5 without Science

Since I'm going to take Pure Science ...
  1. Bahasa Melayu
  2. English
  3. Mathematics
  4. Sejarah
  5. Pendidikan Moral
  6. Physics*
  7. Chemistry*
  8. Biology*
  9. Additional Mathematics*
*The 3 electives.

And for others ... I'm thinking ...
  1. Principle of Accounts
  2. Bible Knowledge
  3. English for Science and Technology (EST)
  4. Bahasa Cina
  5. English Literature
Most probably I'm taking EST and Chinese for sure,
But I'm still not sure about others.
I can't believe our school's not going to teach EST any more,
What am I suppose to do ._.

Bible Knowledge I can learn in church,
Accounts I can learn in tuition centre,
But I'm still wondering where to learn English Literature.

And don't be afraid,
I don't think I'll be taking 14 subjects.
I'm just saying,
I wonder how many times I need to repeat that,
I'm just saying,
14 is kinda ... for smart nerdy students,
If I were to study for 14 subjects,
I don't think I'll have time for life.

Next year,
It's going to be jam packed with studies and tuition,
Better slack now before it's too late!


pearlie said...

I suppose you can do English Lit by reading them :)

Kritz said...

Reading ... is that enough? ._.