October 24, 2008

The Story of a Sad Little Girl.

She just wanted to go out.
She just wanted to see a person.
But the sad cruel world did everything possible to stop her.

Sad, sad, sad little girl.

Phone call after phone call,
Rejections came pouring down like rain,
What was hurtful turned numb.

Hours and hours later,
She gave up.
She was helpless.
She went home.
Sad and miserable.

All we could do was stand aside,
As we pitied her,
We couldn't do anything.

That one chance,
To step out and breathe fresh air,
To have fun with her fellow friends,
All turned into dust.

* * *
Poor Hui Teng,
Wanted to see Raymond Lam a.k.a. Lam Fung (林峰),
At Pavillion,
But out of a sudden everyone just can't go,
And I'm not allowed to go if there's only 2 people.
Blake, Angeline, Fiona, Kar Mern, Josh, Joshua, Samantha, Brandon, Alvin, Ken Tze, Xiang Min, Wai Leong and others which I don't know at all,
All couldn't go with us.

And my grandmother is so friggin' annoying when she came,
How I wish she would just go back to her village.
She wasn't even nagging,
She was using a sarcastic and angry tone while she was talking,
Thank goodness that not many people understand.

She's got issues.

* * *

We had a talk about next year's plannings,
All the streams and stuff,
I didn't even get the information I wanted.
They just gave a lot of useless information.
What for tell me about the chapters in the subjects?
I want to know WHAT IS IT ABOUT and not the CHAPTERS.

And I heard that they are not going to teach EST in school any more.
So where am I suppose to study for that?

I'll post all about the SPM stuff in the next post.
For now ...
Well ...
There's nothing much to do.
Have 5 days of holidays,

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