October 28, 2008

Happy Deepavali :D

Yeah! Happy Deepavali :D

Basically that's all I want to say about that event.
I should end my post here.

That's too short.

I've been wondering,
Can anyone introduce me something that is similar to Reader's Digest?
But in Malay and Chinese?
And yes,
I know there is a Chinese version of Reader's Digest,
I just want something else.

Please tell me if you know any ._.

Reader's Digest is not bad at all :D
For example,
There's this small part that I found it interesting.

It's in the latest November 2008's copy,
Page 33,
In the 'Ask Aunty' (advice) section.

Dear Aunty,
My husband is patient, lovable and caring. He packs my lunch each day with a handwritten love note, changes the kitty litter, mows the lawn, etc. But he's a slob. When he packs my lunch, he uses a paper towel to wipe his hands, then wads it up and tosses it on the counter. It'll sit there forever. When he brushes his teeth, he spits all over the spigot. He loves to read the newspaper, but throws it on the couch and it lies there for a week. I'm no Suzie Homemaker, but I'm not his mother, either. How can I get him to clean up after himself?

Dear HELP!!!,
You want help? Most women would love to have your husband. How about this? While hubby is packing your lunch, composing handwritten love notes, mowing the lawn and cleaning the litter box, why don't you pick up the newspaper, wipe the counter and then leave him a note telling him what a treasure he is. On behalf of women everywhere, embrace this man!

So true!!
Now, now, ladies,
Don't be too demanding!

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