October 2, 2008

Waste of Time.

Let me think of a main point to blog about.

Can't think of any.

Holidays are coming to an end,
And my uneventful life continues.

For once,
I finally felt that "PMR IS HERE" feeling.
I think it's kinda late, isn't it?

So much chaos going on between friends,

So ... nothing to do.

So ... restricted to blog.
Can't blog about this,
Can't blog about that.
I should just open a new blog and blog openly without informing anyone.
Or just act like some arrogant snob and don't really care about what others feel.

Or ...
I can go back to the old days and blog with the eat, shit, sleep format.

Maybe I should just open another blog for my so called "thoughts" and leave this for my daily events.

Maybe life will change once I shift to another school ...

Why am I blogging about what-to-blog,
I hate that.


Might as well end my blogging career hobby,
Since ... it's so pointless.

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