October 18, 2008

Japanese Food!!

Zanmai Sushi!!

Someone's rice.

Wasabi. (not a fan of it)

No idea what is it.

My California Roll!! :D :D
There was 2.
Ate one already :D

Ocha if I'm not mistaken.

The place.

Aww ... yum yum baby octopus :D

Not mine too :D


If I have a change to get a new phone,
I'll make sure it's a Cybershot.

I get to eat Jap food!!

Thank goodness that I could control my crave for Japanese food,
Or else I would have ordered more...

In the end,
Spent like RM38 for unagi rice + 2 California rolls + green tea.
Everyone ate a total of RM133.

Went out with Blake, Josh, Wei Jien, Kar Mern and Xiang Min.
Thanks to Xiang Min's mom for sending Blake and I there.

Watched Eagle Eye.

Still find it weird that that dude from Even Stevens is now a big budget movie actor,
And the main actor of many well-known movies.

Show was nice :D
For me, lah.
Definitely worth watching.

Reviews said that the plot was stupid,
But I thought it was quite nice :D
No spoilers of course.

TGV's Ice Lemon Tea so small. Bleh.

Did I mention I slipped and my foot was stuck in between the steps and the seats in the Cinema?
Now the bottom part of my middle right toe is totally purple.
Not exaggerating.

Ate Zanmai after that,
Walked like a gimp,
Went around,
Wanted to bowl but the price was RM90+ for 2 rounds.
I think there was some mistake ... but didn't happen in the end.

Went Pizza Hut,
Mainly because Blake wanted to use his voucher.

Bought J.Co for parents.

Ate Sisters' Crispy Popiah :D
Love it.

By the time we finished that,
There was only 2 people left.
Others went back 1 by 1.

Took cab back home,
Limped all the way back home from where they dropped Blake.

Pain pain pain.

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