March 23, 2010

Update :D

Short post before I start with my homework >.>

* * *

Top 12's, woo hoo!

Been listening to the studio versions,
Have to say, I really like Andrew Garcia's Gimme Shelter,
Although for the moment,
Chances of him winning Idols are really slim,
But I like his song the best.

Others were great as well,
My other favourite, Lee Dewyze's Beast of Burden was nice too.
It was ... generally 'nice', yeah. Nothing epic.

Then David Cook performed during the results show!
One of the best Idols so far :D

Jumpin' Jack Flash,
Not a big fan of the song,
But his performance rocked.

Managed to get the song,
From iTunes,
Through DCO iTunes JJF Gifting Project :D
His fans are just so good D:
My very first song from iTunes store :D

* * *

Holidays are over and it's back to school.
Managed to do quite a lot of homework during the holidays,
Although not everything,
But probably the most since ... forever o.o

And till now,
I have no idea when am I going to start my driving lessons =.=

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