March 4, 2010

AI stuff again. [updated with top 10 girls]

I never understood why the girls were better than the guys,
But after the top 20 performances,
I could see why.

The girls are REALLY good.
Well, singing wise.
Probably not the performance,
Due to the song choice.

Unlike the guys,
It was hard to pick just one or two girls to root for.

Crystal was good. Liked Katie. Siobhan was a good end to the show. Kinda liked Katelyn. Still clinging on to Didi's Terrified. Lilly had her swagger.

The remaining would be Haeley, Paige, Lacey and Michelle.
I liked Paige's Walk Away, though, because everything else seemed just a little too dull.

Well, the only one I truly dislike would be Haeley.

RESULTS are out!
Better than last weeks.

* * *

Yeah, bear with me. Heh.

Top 10 guys first~
I must say ... it's so ... not ... amazing ...
The whole episode is just so ... meh.

First up, Michale Lynch.
Soulful, bluesy kinda thing.
Well, preferred him without his guitar,
But still not a fan of him.

Next, John Park.
I don't even remember what he sang.
Ah, never mind.

Casey ...
What's his full name?
What's wrong with my memory these days,
Oh yes, Casey James.
With his electric guitar.
It was amazing, how he made a great pop-rockish song so dull even with an electric guitar.

Alex Lambert's voice is quite nice :O
Kinda liked his performance.

Todrick Hall.
It's funny how the judges contradict themselves.
Maybe it's because he's just bad and anything doesn't suit him after all.
And when the music was becoming more intense,
You know, like the climaxing part,
His tone of voice remains the same ... oh well.

Jermaine Sellers,
Dislike him the most among the top 10 guys.
His introduction video included a small part about him bitching about the judges,
But finishing the sentence by contradicting his point.
Facing the same dilemma as Todrick,
The judges gave contradicting comments as well,
And he was on the verge of killing the judges.
And he was playing the 'I'm a Christian' card,
Which kinda contradicts the whole point of Christianity.
And people like him for his personality?
I dislike him because of his personality.

Ahh, Andrew Garcia.
Another weak performance,
Says everyone.
I actually enjoyed last week's,
This week's, not so much.
I really hope he's not one of them that starts off amazing and ends up getting no where near the top of the competition.
That would be sad :(
I really like his singing ...
Oh and he could break dance as well?
Well, there's still hope.

Aaron Kelly, hmmm?
I don't know what to say about him.
It's not like he can't sing ...

Tim Urban, Mr. VFTW's pick.
Better than last week,
Well, it would suck REAL bad if he actually sucked even worse.
But still, meh.

Another favourite of mine, Lee Dewyze.
His singing wasn't epic,
Or amazing,
But I liked his performance,
Probably because of the genre of music he picks?
Hope his singing improves.

Since I'm not a producer or anything,
I guess I'm allowed to be biased :P

Downloading top 10 girls' performance~

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