March 2, 2010

Deprived of human rights.

I slept 3 and a half hours last night?
Was it worth it?
Unfortunately, no.

Emphasised on something that DIDN'T EVEN CAME OUT.
They have great reputations for messing with our heads.
I bet their are laughing like a crazy maniac in their underground lairs.

First 2 papers were killers,
Moral and Mandarin,
Spent a full hour on each of them,
Writing non-stop.

Next 2 papers were killers as well,
Chemistry and History,
Although requiring less time,
But unfortunately ... requires more skills.

The given scope was form 4 chapters 1 and 2,
Form 5 chapters 1 and 2 ...
And the study momentum sorta went DOWNHILL,
Lack of time anyway.

Didn't even study much Chemistry.
Dead :D

The excessive last minute studies shouldn't bring me so much false hope,
Gotta tell myself that last minute studying will not guarantee good grades,
But only helping me prevent getting ugly results.


Oh, and to those people who think that I'm a hypocrite for saying such stuff,
Go away.
Just because I worry about different grades DOESN'T mean I'm trying to boast or show of.
It's a matter of being content with different grades.

Last day tomorrow,
End of nightmares.
So much to study ...

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