March 26, 2010


The freshly coated walls reeks of paint,
But people with peculiar senses,
Like me for instance,
Have this equally peculiar acquired affection for the smell of paint <3


Okay, that was random.

Read ANOTHER 2 books :D :D :D :D

The Giver, a novel that gradually revealed it's dysfunctional dystopian society, disguised as a perfect and ideal one, a utopia.

Grabbed it from Kinokuniya because it was a Newberry winner. Other Newberry winners on my shelf include The Westing Game, which I thought was quite epic, and Holes, required in my English Literature subject.

Other dystopian fiction I own include Fahrenheit 451, Supernaturalist, a short story - Harrison Bergeron, Hunger Games - which I haven't read.

Not that I'm a big fan of them ... but I thought it was quite interesting to have quite a few stuff all somewhat related @_@

Nice book, well duh, Newberry winner. About Jonas (damn, Disney killed that name), a perfectly ordinary boy in a seemingly perfect society. While he turned 12, like everyone else, he would be assigned an Assignment, based on observations by the Elders, I think. But apparently, he wasn't ordinary. Being assigned to be the Giver, he is slowly exposed to the truths that have been hidden from the citizens of the Community ...

Next book, classic, To Kill A Mockingbird.
Literary fiction, hmmm, my favourite. I think.
I don't know whether does the fact that it's a critically and generally acclaimed book affects my judgement (judgment? screw spellings) on it, and due to my lack of intelligence and experience and distinct taste for books, all I could say is I LOVE THIS BOOK, and I don't even know whether does it come from me.

I wish I had the time to reread the book, albeit the storyline of it wouldn't be of a surprise anymore, I would really like to read it in detail this time round. There's so much I've missed out, the little details such as the historical events happening in that era, phrases that are of a different generation compared to mine (not that I'm an expert on phrases in my time...). So much more to look into. Wonder how does people around my age relate to historical events that happen half a decade ago. Or maybe they don't.

The characters in this book sort of stuck with me. Atticus, Scout, Jem - especially Atticus. He's ... well ... cool. His speaks with wisdom, does not conceal truth, does not allow his children to live in lies, has a flare for the finer things in life, a man that lives up to himself, able to see that discrimination is bad even though it was part and parcel of life at that point of time, understanding, doesn't just stand aside with crossed arms, has something up his sleeves that could impress anyone but prefers not to be boastful ...

Even downloaded the movie, 1962, black and white, can't wait to see how the actor portrays Atticus Finch!!

* * *

American Idol ... sucked.
Bye Paige and why-the-hell-is-Tim-still-around.
And no one seemed to notice Aaron sang "I can see the weak" instead of "I can stay awake"?
Okay maybe the 't' sound in 'stay' wasn't emphasised enough, which made it sound like "I can say awake".
Not that it's important anyway.
Don't know what to expect next week.

* * *

Have to go back to school on Saturday? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!


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