March 6, 2010


Gosh. I'm just so confused.

*takes a deep breath*

It's not that I think it's stupid or anything,
But I just hate the fact that every question against it could be answered in 3 simple answers.
And everything seems so contradicting.

Every visit is just so painful for me.
It starts with mixed feelings;
Progresses with delight;
But end feeling empty.

The consequences of both paths are not pleasant as well.
One would result in myself being socially (well, partially) rejected,
Or maybe frowned upon and constantly being called back.
Or maybe worse, not cared for at all.
The other path would result in ... well ... the state of confusion I'm currently in.

BUT then again,
I can't personally make a decision,
Because I'm probably already biased against one of it,
And asking for advice would be ... pointless.
Well, probably because I'm just looking for one who would agree with me,
But that's just as equally screwed up as being biased.

If only something would make me change my mind.

* * *

It's so nerve-wrecking to wait for the first term exam results!
Okay I exaggerated a little.

But I was quite nervous while waiting for my maths results.

I hate it whenever I say that I'm worried for my results,
And people will say stuff like,
"Aiya, you worry for what, lah."
That's actually better than some that keep it to themselves, even with a sense of hatred.

I don't go around saying that I failed my exams,
For subjects that I have no confidence or didn't study well,
It's NATURAL to feel a little worried.

For subjects that I'm quite confident about,
I'll just not make any comments.


If you don't want to congratulate me for getting good results,
I don't mind.
It's not necessary, at all.
But don't bother trying to share your good results with me,
Cause then I'll be wondering why should I care when you put on that face when I share my joy?

This post is so full of negativity /=

* * *

Caught American Idol on TV today,
Re-watched a little.
Lee Dewyze is good, lol.


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