January 2, 2008

A whole near year, again.

Yup, new year,
15th year in came to planet Earth.
Haha, I'm not an alien if that is what you're thinking.

Some people say that,
'In this new year, I will do this and that'
But I experienced it before,
Never works,
So I'll just let God show me the plans he have for my live.
Tomorrow is the 1st day of school,
I haven't bought a single exercise book.
I'm so dead.

2 months of holidays just ended,
And I'm taking PMR.

I should get used to the 'sleep early, wake up early' thing,
Since I've been sleeping around 1 to 2 am during the holidays,
I should have a hard time coping to this ._.
Every one complains about the holidays being too short,
But no one complains about the schools ending.
Unless there are some *ahem* crazy people.

Maybe some just want to meet their friends,
Or maybe their schools are good compared to mine.
I'm really gonna miss the holidays,
And all my church friends,
Although I'm gonna catch up with all my school friends,
But I just don't like that environment there,
All the fighting and quarrellings,
Annoying, problematic teacher,
The pressure from every place,
The pointless homework,
The tiring or maybe time-burning co-curricular activities.

To think that our parents always say that we should enjoy school times,
'Cause working is worse,
Maybe it is because their schooling times are different.

Big year.
Time to get serious.
Maybe not =P

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