January 9, 2009

Random gay spottings.

I'm not really sure whether those people I've seen are gay or not,
But they were .. doing something .. weird.

Will not mention where,
But I saw these 2 guys,
One grabbing the other's ass,
And the other one putting his arm over his shoulders.

It was in public.

Hand holding,
Not just any hand holding,
Those ... erm ...
How am I suppose to say this,
One is like when you shake hands,
You just grab the other person's hand,
But this is like,
Couples holding hands,
Crossing fingers,
Finger between finger or whatever,
Probably 十指紧扣 in Mandarin.

Kinda ...
Disturbing to see these things on streets,

In my opinion,
I don't really approve of gays,
But I don't think hating and staying away from them is a good thing either.

End of random post.

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