January 19, 2009

How to assemble a DIY Rubik's cube.

Received my DIY kit last Sunday.
Fixed it today,
Couldn't wait!!

Type - C blue Rubik's (including stickers, core, screws, washers and springs)
Cubesmith's vinyl stickers :D

Everything laid out!
Those are Cubesmith's stickers by the way.


Edge pieces in the top right,
Centre pieces + caps in the left,
Corner pieces + caps in the bottom.

Black screws,
Silver springs,
Blue washers and the core.

Fixing it.

Put all centre pieces in this sequence,
Screw the screw with the centre piece into the core.
(Couldn't take a clearer picture =.=)

Put them all,
And ...

... Ta dah!

Put in bottom edges,

Bottom corner pieces,


Top corners,

And the remaining edges!

Do not close the centre pieces yet!
You can always loosen / tighten the cube's tension to suit yourself,
Don't leave it too loose as it pops out easily.

When that's done,
Put on the stickers.

I used the stickers that came with the cube to replace those stickers on my Rubik's one.

Here comes ...

... the Rubik's camwhore session!

New DIY Cube!

Storebought Rubik's cube!

Comparison of storebought Rubik's and DIY Rubik's,
DIY is way lighter,
And easier to spin.
Rubik's is more sturdy,
I'm going to miss that sturdiness :(

(I don't like these pictures =.=)


Omair said...

Thanks a LOT !!!!

kalyan said...

Was very very helpful for fixing my 1 st DIy kit thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

I need more help. Email me: techlife4ever@hotmail.com