January 29, 2009

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Went back on the 1st day (初一)of Chinese New Year,
With new clothes and everything.

Scrape that,
I'll just randomly mention things that happened since my memory fails me oh so often.

I remember playing the lovely PS3,
With a gun,
Owning Time Crisis 4.
In 2 days,
Finished the whole mission mode,
Over 15-20 missions,
Includes traditional shooting (arcade type),
And that counter-strike-ish shooting,

I remember eating steamboat,
Twice I think,

I remember receiving ang paos,
Those lovely pieces of paper stuffed into red packets.
Collecting them,
Waiting patiently till I find a room to hide,
Tearing the red packet into pieces,
Piling up the cash and sniffing it like a drug.

Exaggerated $_$

I remember playing mahjong!
Before you start accusing me of sinning,
Let me think of an excuse!
Fact is,
I didn't use money,
So it's considered just a game.

Kept losing till the last 4 games where I won consecutively,
But everyone was sleepy and my luck ended there >.>

I crave for more mahjong :(

Collected my reference books from my cousin sis,
Finally have no excuse for not studying =.=

What else ...
Never mind.

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