January 14, 2009

Yay for Add. Maths!

I love doing Add. Maths homework :D ...

... compared to stuff like BM Essays.

I love doing homework like :
English essays,
Additional Mathematics,
Mainly because I don't have to think much ...
Don't get me wrong,
For maths,
It's just like replacing numbers and calculating,
Nothing super brain damaging,
In my opinion, lah.
English essay is fun!
For me :D
I wrote like ...
A foolscap paper full,
Both sides,
In like ... around 40 mins?
*I feel like I'm bragging,
Yeah I probably am =x*
I feel like posting my recently written essay,
But ... nah,
Never mind.

Other neutral homework are like,
Those 3 Science subjects.

I hate doing notes for any subjects,
It's not like I actually use that to revise =.=
I hate history.
Both Chinese and Malay essays are harder,
Compared to English.

Nothing much already I guess.

p.s. Oh yea,
I'll be sick tomorrow,
So I wouldn't be able to go to school,
By 1.10pm,
My sickness should be gone.


p.p.s Goodbye Vivian :(
Solid just sublimated.
I still don't understand why Batu 8 though.
Cheer up LYS!

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