January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese 'Niu' Year!

I'm getting sick of that 'niu' year phrase, LOL.

But I have no brain juice to think of something nicer to say xD

Reunion dinner ... was okay.
Was ... kinda less hyped up,
Compared to the usual,
Which doesn't exist,
Because I don't know what the 'usual' is like.

Father's cooking was as amazing as always,
Mother's chicken curry was as like her chicken curry as always,
Father made fried prawns with mushroom bits,
And abalone!
And ... some veggies.

Uncle Allen made .. curry puffs and popiah.
Uncle Edward brought KFC,
Uncle Richard didn't come,
As expected.

The whole thing was okay,
Talked with Min Chen and Michelle,
Cousins by the way.

Still sat in front of my comp xD

Collected ang paos!

Tomorrow balik kampung!

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