January 5, 2009

First day of school.

"Nooooo, mummy, don't leave meeeeee"

*wails and wails and wails and wails*

That wasn't me.

Happy birthday to Syn Jie!


Happy belated birthday to Cherrie!

First day of school.
I can assume that this year wouldn't be as good as the previous years,
Meaning that this year would be bad since the past few years are already not that good,
So in conclusion this year will be bad, worse, maybe the worst,
But I'll leave the worst for Form 5.


Already got some homework,
Still not done yet,
Already bed time soon,
Do not want to sleep to late tonight,
No yawning in class please.

During History the teacher was absent,
And everyone was chatting like mad!
Kar Mern and I had to like shout at each other to actually hear each other,

My mom bought Devil May Cry 4 for me :D
Thanks mom!

Been playing GTA : LCS,
Keep failing and failing and failing,
But yet I force myself to keep trying again,
Because like my cousin,
I used to have a tendency to stop playing a certain game after too much failure.

I guess that is all.
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day,
For me,
For us,
For mankind.

/random again.

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