January 17, 2009


I feel so shitty after 2 hours of napping.
Hate naps.

On Friday,
Went Chinese Calligraphy Competition at Klang Parade.
So far.
Bus was so quiet,
All nerd girls =x
Except for a bunch of us talking,
Having fun like normal humans.

Reached there,
Signed up,
Morale got struck down.
All hope of winning is lost,
I guess it's just for fun!

This is what I wrote :

Passed up the one on the right.
Sure lose, lah =.=

This is Josh's!

Don't ask why is there a bull there, LOL.

Went to ate at Secret Recipe,
Then listened to the results,
Then went back.

Had school,
Love maths :D

Had a ... lunch ... thing,
With all other students with straight A's,
And their parents.
Awkward ...

Last but not least,

Thank you Joshua~!
I really appreciate it!

Tired nao =.=

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