January 2, 2009

School. Form 4.

Today was kinda like the first day of school,
Suppose we were there to see which class we got into,
But the whole scene looked like an actual school day.

And I even brought my phone =.=

Got into 4 Alfa.

My goodness the competition has just increased a whole notch,
Imagine all brilliant students being stuffed into one class,
I guess I should work harder than how I did for the past 3 years.

Slightly cleaned up the class,
Talked to a few of my friends,
Went back around 10am +
(Went 8am+)

I can't believe school is going to officially start soon,
I just ...

Never mind.

Tomorrow balik kampung!

And .. er ..

I desperately want to play Devil May Cry 4,

And .. er ..

I'm currently playing Grand Theft Auto : Liberty City Stories on my PSP.

That's all for now.

(I told you it wouldn't be a good post)

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