February 27, 2009


One problem I face right now is the overloaded tuition.

Currently planning to drop English and Add. Maths,
Basically because my English Literature class already serves as a place for me to improve on my English,
And I think I'm quite okay in Add. Maths.

Especially with a good school teacher,
Should be no problem coping,
Since I spend most of my times in tuition listening to explanations about questions that I've already solved,
Just need more exercise for Add. Maths.

Want to drop Malay,
Because I hate 3 essays for the 1st week,
4 Malay Literature questions the next,
And more Malay grammar exercises.
But I really need to Literature part because I suck at that ...

Feel like dropping Physics and Chemistry,
But ... nah ... later I guess.

I hate making decisions @_@
If only I had all the time I needed.

That's all for now,
Off to rush 3 Malay Essays >.>

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