February 4, 2009

Happy 400 posts of random crap~

400 posts.
Cannot think of anything special to blog about,
I guess I should just blog the normal way.

Blake and I walked with Hui Teng to her house.
It was quite far,
Taman Bukit Kinrara if I'm not mistaken.

Kinda tired like always.
Will be taking up English Literature.

What was I suppose to blog about again >.>
Wait till I have much more free time in my hands,
And a better mood,
I'll blog about something I want to blog.

So stay tuned, lol.

Should do homework >.>

PS. I remembered already.
Something about PBSM.
No wait, BSMM.
Most probably join marching competition this year,
And the current commander has selected a few seniors to pass on the baton.
Since all the decent BSMM-ers are all Form 5,
And the rest are totally lost,
I can forsee the downfall of BSMM in the future.


Good luck.

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