February 10, 2009

A Human Trait

Not going to mention where, who, what,
About attention seeking.

No, not you Blake.

Someone else.

I noticed him in class,
Constantly answering English questions,
In a so called 'dramatic' way,
Kinda like telling the teacher straight in the face,
"Look! My English totally rocks!"

Kinda ... irritates me in some way.

There are ways of getting teacher's attention without being so OBVIOUS.

If I like,
Show off or something,
Please remind me =.=


Tomorrow is the day for the Road Run trial.
They even have a trial for Road Running.

Nice . . .

Joining PBSM,
Became a tradition.

Hope it wouldn't be a terrible day.

Speaking about terrible days,
Today was special!
I managed to finish a lot of homework in the afternoon!

That's like,
Once in a blue moon!

Add maths made me felt like doing more homework,
Finished add maths, then Malay, then some History.

:D :D

Still have a lot though.

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