February 1, 2009

End of CNY holidays :(

Tomorrow will be the day I go back to school :(
And I don't think I finished all my homework :( :(

But the great thing is a lot others haven't finish too xD

Wanted to blog about my drunk friend,
But I'll wait till I get more evidence.

My mom's friends came over yesterday and they were a noisy bunch,
I ended up starting to do my homework around 10pm+
Finished add maths by 2 something,
Went to bed a few minutes before 3am.

Woke up 8 something for church,
I already planned to skip church because it was almost time and my mother wasn't home yet.
But in the end she still managed to reach back home on time.
No youth,
Because it was Chinese New Year,
Got 2 angpaos and went back soon after.

Procrastinated even more at home.
Till now.

Watched Die Hard 4.0 : Live Free or Die Hard,
Very nice movie in my opinion,
Bruce Willis was quite old though.

Read up more stuff about English Literature on the internet.
Downloaded High School Musical 3.
Randomly listened to songs I had.
Ate assam fish for dinner,
With chicken eggs fried with fish eggs.

Wondering why am I blogging like this.

Will be using a new school bag tomorrow,
Not really the stylish type,
But quite good I guess.

I realised that I will only be in the mood of doing homework at night.
And I wonder why.
Is it possible to sleep during the day and wake up to do my homework?
I don't think so ...

How I wish I could drop Sejarah.

How I wish I could do stuff that I like to do even more :(
But who's to blame for wasting so much time on other stuff but me :(

I should just end this post.

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