February 16, 2009


Didn't wish for it to happen this way.
But I guess there's no turning back.

Sorry, though.


I hate perhimpunan (assembly).
Freaking hate it.
Never hated it so much.

I hate sitting on tar ground,
I hate sitting on the parking lot,
I hate the scorching morning sun,
I hate the limited space,
I hate the uncomfortable position,
I hate the random noise coming from other students around me,
I hate the endless speeches,
I hate the endless ceremonies,
I hate the scary glances coming from the teachers,
I hate the fact that my leg goes numb,
I hate that unexplainable pain on my leg,
I hate perhimpunan~

School was,

Nothing much.

English teacher finally mentioned the Scholastic writing competition.
Although it's really impossible to win,
I still want to join!
I love writing ... in some way ... I guess.


Looking for a program to help you burn CDs?
DVDs especially?
Since windows can only burn CDs.

I hereby recommend CDBurnerXP!
Legally free (I think),
Works really well.

Few weeks ago,
Wanted to burn Heroes 9TV series) for Fiona,
But windows couldn't burn DVDs.

CDBurnerXP came to the rescue!

You don't need Nero xD

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