October 4, 2009

Gosh, where was I?

Okay okay ...
Had dissecting last Friday,
Lab rats.

They stink real bad.

Dissecting was ... a nice experience?

At least I didn't tore it up into a million pieces,
Might as well blast it into smithereens =.=

Went back kampung,
Had to attend the ceremony for my grandmother,
Marking the 100th day that she passed away.

Inward Chaos in Dissidia is crazy.
Oh well.

Finished with my Biology presentation for tomorrow,
Hopefully everything turns out well.

Ordering cubes again,
3rd time from the same person,
5th time overall.

Didn't really do much homework,
Kinda left most of it at home while I went back kampung.

Friends! s06e16 DONE!

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