October 9, 2009

School trip to Museum of Asian Art, UM.

A bus of form 4s (and like 2 form 5s with 3 teachers) went to Malaya University to visit the Museum of Asian Art.
Well, we weren't fans of museums (except for Night at the Museum!), art or Asia,
We just ... like school trips. :D

It was organised by the History Club (explains why 2 form 5s had to follow),
And they kinda forced us to write reports,
But heck,
Like I would do that.

Dextrous Lockshop, lol.

So we went there,
Greeted by this ... usher?

Didn't quite listen,
Couldn't listen anyway.

The mini museum,
With themes revolving around words like "atomic bomb", "Nagasaki", "Hiroshima",
Was ... mini.

There was gory drawings of the aftereffect of that atomic bomb,
A lot of them.

There was also this section where people were teaching how to fold origami cranes,
Which seemed to be the main attraction of the WHOLE thing. -.-

Didn't quite listen to the tutorial though,
Since I already knew how to fold that.
Even taught others how to fold it.

Then the crowd moved upstairs,
Where there was more stuff to see.

Pieces of broken ceramics/pottery/stuff.

Yeah, they even preserved the note. lol

There were also ... not ... broken ones.
It's nice.

Then in the next room,
We had to attend some ... talk ... lecture ... whatever.

The topic of the talk ... ... ... had nothing to do with the real thing.
Nothing much at least.


So we listened to him blabber ...
On and on ...
About the awesomeness of nuclear energy ...

He did a great job of confusing us all though,
So far,
From what I understand,
He said Uranium is renewable,
Nuclear energy is all pros and no cons,
H1N1 stands for Hiroshima 1 Nagasaki 1.

Could do without the talk.

So later on,
We went down for some food,
Went back to the small display of museum stuff that I didn't really looked at the first time I came in.

Some touch screen thing

When will _________ (go figure) realise that having boring Wall of Texts on some high tech-ish thing DOESN'T help in understanding or attractiveness (maybe a wee bit),
The only great thing is the touch screen thingy where you spam because you have nothing better to do. :D

Some ... deformed ... bottle.

Some ... piece of ... bowl stuck to ... some rock ... cement ... whatever.

Beggar clothes School uniform?

Wall of peace. lol?

Oh yeah,
The crane origami originated from that incident,
Something to do with some person folding a thousand of them and making some miracle,
Signifying peace or something.

Go freestyle, lol.

Little Boy ... Fat Man ... what are they doing? Disguising the bombs as ... humans?

The main attraction once again,

Cameo of Josh's hands in my blog, lol.

I folded 1 and helped Josh to fold the other one. -.-

Before we all went back,
I saw this ... hanging cranes ...
Tried taking pictures ...

The air-conditioner kept blowing it and it just spins like nobody's business!
I wanted to take one close up with loads of them blurred in the back ground.

Didn't work. -.-

Went back,
Went home,
End of not-very-informative school trip.

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