October 14, 2009

Not the post I had in mind, but anyway

Wanted to blog about Rubik's cubes but I'll leave that aside for some other time.

So ... last Friday,
Studied the first chapter of Form 5 Additional Mathematics.
Quite fun eh?

Ate Dominoes sponsored by our Biology teacher,
Puan Lau.

Since Hang Yang was absent,
We guys thought ...
Why not leave him a slice?

Just give him a whole pizza!

Doesn't see that nice eh?

Oh wait,
*digs through some plastic bag*,


And here's the mastermind behind all this,
Just kidding =x

*picture credits to Kar Mern*

Went to Mid Valley with mom and her friends.
Walked separate was,
Met up with Eirban,
Watched Surrogates!

Bruce Willis looks damn weird in that surrogate of his,
Young, with some weird hairstyle,
But kinda looked more Bruce Willis like compared to that old dude in the poster.
Oh well =/

Bathed 4 times!

Woke up,
Went to school,
Came back,
Went to Pearl Point International,
Came back,
Went to Breena's birthday party,
Came back,

The party was nice and simple,
Although we had to remind ourselves to not speak so much mandarin.

The first dish,
And the only dish I managed to take a picture of before everyone started to devour them.

Chocolate strawberry cake from Secret Recipe!

The young, younger and youngest!

Oh well,
Holidays are over,
But not for long!

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