October 30, 2009

Mid-exam post (5)

First week
Monday : Malay p1, Malay p2
Tuesday : Biology p3, English p1, English p2
Wednesday : Mandarin p1, Mathematics p1, Mathematics p2
Thursday : Moral, Chemistry p3
Friday : History p2, History p1

Second week
Monday : Physics p3, Physics p1, Physics p2
Tuesday : Biology p2, Biology p1
Wednesday : Mandarin p2, Additional Mathematics p2
Thursday : Civics, Chemistry p1, Chemistry p2
Friday : Additional Mathematics p1, Physical Education

I think my uneventful exam period is actually more blog worthy compared to my daily mundane life.

Studied till 2am in the morning for History.
Of course, studied according to the tips given.


But only managed to cover 2 out of the 6 essays,
And I had to study 2 more in order to answer structure questions ...

So I decided to wake up at 6 and continue with the last 2.
In the end,
Finished 1 more and the last 1 in school.

I actually planned to wake up at 5,
But that gives me only 3 hours of sleep.
4 sounded better.

And I was having headaches.

My gosh.

So History is finally over,

1 more week left.

Actually had chinese class today.
Teacher said my essay was 逊色

Suddenly Yi Shen's mom appeared,
And when she said she received a call from someone,
I thought she was going to say that someone saw her son playing truant, lol.

But apparently,
Someone actually made a threat call,
Saying her son was kidnapped.

That was kinda scary.

Meaning either someone was just playing a prank on them,
Or there's really someone targeting them...

I'm glad everyone's safe.

Stupid prankers.

Pit stop!
2 days of rest!

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