October 26, 2009

Mid-exam post (1)

First week
Monday : Malay p1, Malay p2
Tuesday : Biology p3, English p1, English p2
Wednesday : Mandarin p1, Mathematics p1, Mathematics p2
Thursday : Moral, Chemistry p3
Friday : History p2, History p1

Second week
Monday : Physics p3, Physics p1, Physics p2
Tuesday : Biology p2, Biology p1
Wednesday : Mandarin p2, Additional Mathematics p2
Thursday : Civics, Chemistry p1, Chemistry p2
Friday : Additional Mathematics p1

So ... many more.

I don't know what to say about today's BM,
Hopefully it turns out good :D

Didn't study for tomorrow's exam, YET.
And it's almost 10 already D:

Was so ... tired in the afternoon,
With the hot weather and everything.
Slept for one hour before tuition,
Woke up cranky and everything.

Stepped on my injured toe during tuition,
Blood oozed out 8D
Had to clean the tiles of the evidence with my foot, lol.


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