October 20, 2009

Short up-to-date update *RE-UPDATED*

Ignore the oh-so-lame title.

So basically,
Today's the last day of my holidays.

Even though it's uneventful,
I really ... have nothing to complain about.

Thing's I've done during the holidays (Friday - Today): -
  • Getting pwned by Chaos (of Dissidia, in Inward Chaos) millions of times. FYI, he's the final boss of the whole game and has 3 forms. So far made it to the 3rd form for like, twice. IT'S HARD.
  • Cubing. The usual. Trying out stuff. Admiring those sub-20 videos on YouTube. Wondering when will I be there.
  • Reading novels. Finally started, it's been quite awhile since I received that stack of books from Scholastic. Finished 1 so far, Peak. Started reading The Westing Game.
  • Spent a whole night going through family albums with my mom. It was fun, looking at my parents and close relatives, how they looked like when I wasn't even a speck of living entity in this realm. And also, pictures of me when I was ... cute. D:
  • Watched Friends, currently at season 9!

I finally started to touch homework!
Started with my moral Kerja Amals.

I thought it was over when I finished those Tugasan Harians,
Now I have to make up more lies to get good grades for my SPM,
Kerja Amal =.=

So far,
This whole afternoon,
I managed to finish 1 kerja amal,

3 more D:
And also ... other homework.


Update at 1.45am :
That picture above,
Ignore that.
I actually did 2 and had to redo both of them due to some mistake (duh).

Yay! 4 done! Gosh, if only everyday were the last day of holidays.

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