October 24, 2009

Pre-exam post.

Hello blog! (huh? what?)

Monday is the day I'm going to sit for my finals!
Excited, in a way,
But worried, might just screw up.
Actually, high chances of screwing up. Heh.

So let's see,
Did I mention about this probationary prefect (my rank),
Who was a part of the organising team for the recent annual dinner?

He went from lower,
To lower.

Stealing RM500 ain't enough for him,
He decided to throw pictures of other prefects that were collected for some game into the ditch.
Why wouldn't he just throw himself off some building. -.-

Finally finished my kerja amal (charity work, lol) reports,
Handed in,
And I'm FREE!

Though I still have exams.

Started studying today,
Though it was really NOT effective.
But I have not much time left =.=

Here's the timetable for my own reference :
First week
Monday : Malay p1, Malay p2 [shit loads of writing, Bukit Kepong D:]
Tuesday : Biology p3, English p1, English p2 [biology D:]
Wednesday : Mandarin p1, Mathematics p1, Mathematics p2 [mandarin D:]
Thursday : Moral, Chemistry p3 [shit loads of memorising to do. chemistry D:]
Friday : History p2, History p1 [the climax of the whole finals. NIGHTMARE D:]

Second week
Monday : Physics p3, Physics p1, Physics p2 [physics D: (duh, lol)]
Tuesday : Biology p2, Biology p1 [I sort of like Biology, but for me it's hard to score. So yeah D:]
Wednesday : Mandarin p2, Additional Mathematics p2 [mandarin .... D:]
Thursday : Civics, Chemistry p1, Chemistry p2 [chemistry is hardest for me among all 3 science subjects, so yeah D:]
Friday : Additional Mathematics p1 [FREEDOM!]

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