October 27, 2009

Mid-exam post (2)

First week
Monday : Malay p1, Malay p2
Tuesday : Biology p3, English p1, English p2
Wednesday : Mandarin p1, Mathematics p1, Mathematics p2
Thursday : Moral, Chemistry p3
Friday : History p2, History p1

Second week
Monday : Physics p3, Physics p1, Physics p2
Tuesday : Biology p2, Biology p1
Wednesday : Mandarin p2, Additional Mathematics p2
Thursday : Civics, Chemistry p1, Chemistry p2
Friday : Additional Mathematics p1

Time moves slow D:

Biology ... okay I guess?
I really laughed when I saw the questions,
Although I'm not sure whether did I score for it.

But it was basically the main 2 things I studied.
Or more precisely ... read through.


English, lol.
I wrote "The day I decided to do nothing".
I really hope the crap I wrote was relevant.
I should have just stayed on the safe side than trying to do something new,
During the exams.

English paper 2 was so ...
Oh well.
Mandarin tomorrow x_x

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