February 19, 2008

I Don't Get It

Why must these people keep attacking this person,
I mean,
Why can they just give that person a chance?
Must they try to force that person to go crazy?
Going overboard?

I don't understand.

When you do something wrong,
We always (well, depends) apologise and hope that others will forgive us.
Of course, no matter they forgive or not,
People who actually apologise are people who will change.
Well, maybe that person might not change,
But if you don't give chance,
How can a person change?
No chance.
It's like,
Making a person's life miserable is a fun thing to do.

I just don't get it.

If we don't listen to safety rules,
For example crossing the train tracks,
And your feet gets stuck,
And the train comes.
Break free,
And swear never to do that again.
Now these people are like the tracks,
But instead,
They are moving tracks,
Going to haunt the person.

I'm not pointing any fingers here,
But is there a need to be that way?