February 15, 2008

Invited to a Villa

Well, as a *cough* famous *cough* blogger,
I was invited to this amazing place,
Which I am not allowed to tell of,
But I have some pictures.

It's like a heaven on earth,
And everything was free!

1st stop, the bar counter.

Eh, white light no mood.

Yeah, that's it!
Too bad I don't fancy alcohol.

It consists... okay I was gonna crap some liquor names but I had no idea.

Next stop,
The living room.

Good for blasting music =D
Kinda average but still not bad.

The kitchen.

Looks nice,
But not much stuff available since there is room service ... or in this case house service.

The fridge,
Packet drinks are suitable for me,
There is more alcohol on the top deck,
It's vodka.


The bedroom.

The collection shelf beside the bed,
What boys like to play,
I guess.

... I so wanna jump on that!

Guess what's behind the curtains?
Seaside view?
Not gonna tell you anything xP

Another bed room.

The basin.

Different toilet.

The whole place was kinda big,
I only had pictures of the house,
Didn't took pictures outside.

Big place,
It would be better if I had a car ._.
Oh wait,
We actually HAVE a car!

The inside of the car.
You might be thinking,
"Hey, I thought rich people sit in the back seat?"
Well, I wanted to take pictures.

Has a lot of functions o.o

Can you see the logo?

You should be able now =)

One thing I don't really like is the fan,

5 blades,
Looks like something that jumped out of Transformers.

It was my cousin's house,
You probably recognise the car from some previous post.
Nothing else to blog about.

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