February 20, 2008


This post includes 3 sections, maybe 4.

First thing I would like to say is about my Science teacher,
Pn. Aishah.
She gave a great lecture during class today.
I have to agree that I've been putting less effort into studying compared to my primary years.
I still remember that last time,
Every single decimal of our average marks count.
Now, since there is less competition,
I started to slack.

During primary,
In my class,
Only 1 student got 5As for his UPSR,
Whereas others got 6As and 7As.
This year I'm going to take PMR,
And I need to start brushing up,
My aim : 8As.
What's an aim for when you don't do anything?
I need to remind myself to concentrate,
And stop comparing,
Aim for perfection.

Pn. Aishah also mentioned that in other schools,
The whole studying environment is really about studying,
And nothing else.
Study time, study ;
Play time, play.
But the situation in my class is chatting,
Some playing,
Some dreaming away.

Conclusion is,
I need to put more effort into studying,
To be frank,
I never studied my best since primary 1,
If I actually put more effort,
No one knows what will happen.
Same goes to everyone reading this.
Remember that word.

Second part of this post,
Is about Chinese classes in school.
I don't understand why I our school only includes 2 classes in schooling times,
And 1 extra class on Wednesday, 1.50 p.m. to 2.30 p.m.
Can some one enlighten me on this?
Why other schools have 3 and we have 2?
Does it means that Chinese classes aren't important?
Are they going to just cancel Chinese class after a few years?
Or just make it a totally out of school subject?
Can't really blame me for asking things that I care about can you?
Not blaming anyone here,
Just wondering.

Third part,
About Malay class.
If only I can speak Malay fluently.
Never ever I did well in talking to many people,
As in public speaking,
Either I'm not that kind of person,
Or I'm just lack of training.
Didn't receive such comments before,
No wonder I don't improve.

Went home,
Woke up,
I have a feeling that I left out something,
Never mind.

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