February 13, 2008

Tomorrow's Valentine's

I keep pressing enter by just write that two words,
In the title.

The teachers of Chinese and Living Skills were absent,
Went for some meeting.

My finger hurts -.-
I didn't even know how I cut my own finger,
It looks like a piece of skin fell off.
Me and Kar Mern talked about quite some stuff during Malay period,
Since the teacher went out to do something,
And we kinda finished the stuff we had to do.
I keep talking about 'bloody' stuff,
Kar Mern was like : EWWWWWWWWWWWW.
Talked about food too,

Ate lunch with Kentz today,
Lucky he was there,
Or else I'll be alone.
Bored again,
If only homework would finish up themselves.

Oh ya,
Happy Valentine's to those who are celebrating =D

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