February 27, 2008

My Ambition?

I attended a church service.
The sermon some how made me feel like being a teacher.
Yes, a teacher.

Looking at how the teachers are in our school,
I can just imagine how is it,
Being one of those cool and fun teachers,
Instead of those.
I also seems fun to teach,
I meant as in to give others the knowledge,
Sharing them with the students,
But repeating the same topic for a whole day seems boring.

More importantly,
I want to be RICH,
I don't see SUPER RICH teachers,
So I should just strike off that thought in my list of ambitions.
Unless... unless I can be a RICH teacher.

Back to reality,
Had to practise for the demonstration today again,
Had like, 4 exams without being properly informed.
Weird eh?
Skipped the maths,
I really wanted to take the maths exam, *sobs*

Went home,
Slacked around,
Didn't touch my homework.

p.s. Comments have been appearing these days,
I don't know why,
But I know some of them are viruses.
No worries,
I've deleted those stupid links.

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